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Our workshops are a hands-on approach to engaging some of the insights we've gained over the last 20 years in  specific areas of teaching and learning.

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Current Workshops

  • STEAM Design Thinking

    Applying Design Thinking to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum.
  • Maker Spaces 

    How can you start or integrate maker spaces into your classroom or community.
  • National Capstone Summit

    Empowering High School Seniors to go above and beyond a typical last year of school.
  • Libraries as Innovation Labs

    Re-imagining the future of the school library.
  • Greengineering

    Student centered think-tanks exploring how much fun they can have while saving the world.


Through a collaborative experience we help you and your team discover and design the insights that best serve your learning communities.

Design Principles

  • facilitate ambiguity

    There’s no learning without uncertainty.
  • entertain the fantastic

    Learning is an experience of wow and awe.
  • find or build the bridge

    Integrate to innovate and relationships will connect us to the greatest good.
  • observe and embrace anomaly

    Solutions depend on perspective, Perspectives reveal the possible.



We believe in the power of sharing and telling the stories that inspire us all to push our professional practice forward.


Previous Talks (videos coming soon)

  • Design and the primordial spaces that promote agency

    Explorations of the three spaces of learning: the campfire, the watering hole, and the cave. 
  • Designing Learning Spaces for the Future

    A librarians perspective on the future of library design and how a school can generate its own learning spaces.