To cultivate ecosystems of opportunity, we become M.A.P. Makers and 3D learners.

M.A.P. Makers

The purpose of education is to transform every student into what Seth Godin calls a mapmaker. Mapmakers chart a course to the edge of human knowledge and expand the horizon. This is so empowering because now is the single greatest time in history to be a learner--and it will only get better. We have in our pockets access to all of human knowledge, and in the future that knowledge will find us the moment before we need it. Mapmakers tap into this resource to change the world.

The purpose of school is to develop the ecosystem of opportunity that can transform every student into a mapmaker. It begins recognizing the three parts of M.A.P.--Dan Pink’s three rules for engagement--Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose.


Mastery is the positive feedback that comes from seeing yourself improve. It’s the rush you get from nailing that guitar riff you’ve been practicing for weeks, successful programming your robot to navigate a maze, or simply solving math problem that has been challenging you. The excitement of mastery is the energy source that fuels learning.


Autonomy is the freedom to figure out for yourself the best way to go about learning something. It’s saying no to the syllabus and instead giving students the opportunity to define their own learning pathways and learn about what works best for them.


Purpose is the belief that what you are learning matters, that it impacts the real world, that it’s not just about doing some assignment that only your teacher sees but rather that what you are learning makes a difference in someone else’s life.


3D Learning -

Discover - Design - Deliver

3D Learning is the iterative process of discovering, designing and delivering.


Design and learning are informed by the questions we ask and the curiosity that drives us. Discovery happens when we act on those questions, research, and refine them in meaningful ways.


Put students and educators in the driver's seat. The design that complements the discovery is iterative. Students see what works and doesn't work, and make changes accordingly--understanding failure as well as success leads to comprehension.


Learning made real is learning that lasts. Projects and education based on immersive deliverables have an impact on students that a text book will never have on its own.